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    Discover insights on emerging trends, expert analysis, practical tips, and the latest industry news, all curated to keep you at the forefront of advertising. Our featured podcasts include the Marketecture Podcast, offering in-depth discussions on advertising technology with industry experts, and the AdTechGod Pod, which celebrates the innovators in advertising technology by sharing their stories and insights. Marketectures network of podcasts include Eric Seuferts MobileDevMemo, Mike Shields' Next In Media, and many other influential voices.

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    The AdTech Forum

    At The AdTech Forum, we bring together a distinguished panel of senior-level marketers, agency experts, and industry thought leaders to engage in deep discussions about the challenges and solutions shaping the future of advertising technology. Our panelists share their extensive experience and insights, offering a multifaceted view on critical issues such as data privacy, evolving consumer behaviors, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning in advertising strategies.

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    Marketecture TV

    Marketecture helps you Get Smart. Fast. With in-depth interviews of advertising and marketing executives conducted by industry experts. The Marketecture.tv website includes hundreds of hours of premium content for industry professionals, while the weekly Marketecture newsletter brings you insights from Ari Paparo that you won’t find anywhere else.
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    AdTechGod Slack Community

    The AdTechGod Slack Community stands out as the most rapidly growing advertising technology slack channel in the world, boasting over 3,000 members globally.  
    This vibrant community brings together professionals from all corners of the advertising industry including, adtech, marketers, developers, analysts and executives. Creating a dynamic space for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.
  • Meet Our Team

    Driving industry insights, thought leadership and community

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    Chief Executive Officer

    Ari Paparo is the founder and Chief Executive Office (CEO) of Marketecture Media. Ari is a well-known expert in the advertising world. He was the co-founder and CEO of Beeswax, an innovative ad tech platform that created the industry's first Bidder-as-a-Service™. Beeswax was acquired by Comcast in 2021.


    Previously, Ari has held a number of product leadership positions in the ad tech and marketing tech sectors, most recently as EVP of Product Management for Bazaarvoice, a publicly traded SaaS company that enables retailers and brands to better connect to their consumers through ratings, reviews, photos and other user generated content. Formerly, he was the Director of Product Management at Google’s DoubleClick business and the head of product management for AppNexus.

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    Chief Commercial Officer

    Jeremy Bloom is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and co-founder of Marketecture Media. An accomplished C-suite executive, Jeremy specializes in MarTech, AdTech, SaaS, AI, and Cloud Marketing, boasting a proven track record in successful IPOs and acquisitions. As the Chief Commercial Officer at Marketecture, he drives the commercial strategy and growth initiatives that will help distinguish the company in a competitive landscape.


    Jeremy is also the founder of OhHello.io, a live 1:1 mentorship platform that connects advertising and marketing professionals looking to give back while helping others step forward.


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    Chief Marketing Officer

    AdTechGod is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and co-founder at Marketecture Media. With a rich background in digital advertising and a keen understanding of market dynamics, AdTechGod brings unparalleled expertise to the role.


    AdTechGod was a key player and founder at AdTechGod Media. In this role, AdTechGod was instrumental in shaping the company's vision and growth. AdTechGod continues to influence the industry through strategic leadership and a people first approach.


    AdTechGod will spearhead innovative strategies and marketing initiatives that will set Marketecture apart from the rest.

  • Testimonials

    What industry leaders say about Marketecture Media

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    Terry Kawaja - Luma Partners

    "The Marketecture experts are providing a level of detailed intelligence about marketing technology that is sorely needed."

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    Aaron Goldman - Mediaocean

    "AdTechGod is not just adtech royalty, he/she/they are adtech deity! Always sharing poignant POVs on the space in an uplifting way, ATG shines a warm spotlight on our industry."

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    Ana Milicevic - Sparrow Advisers

    "Marketecture cuts through the vendor speak, saves time, and keeps you up to speed on key industry developments."

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    Shiv Gupta - UofDigital

    "AdTechGod has built a tremendous community through authenticity, positivity, and a general spirit of lifting folks up. In an industry that has traditionally been more about who you know and how fancy your language is, AdTechGod has shown us that it's more about carrying yourself in an approachable way and helping others."

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    Gwen Cooke - Attain

    "The AdTech Forum acted as true partners, involving us throughout the entire process to develop insightful episode topics and craft compelling interview questions. Additionally, they leveraged their robust networks to source top-tier guests for each episode. The content was not only highly informative and easy to understand, but it was also delivered in an engaging and entertaining format that captivated our audience."

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    Jay Friedman - Goodway Group

    “Marketecture is a great way for agencies to better understand vendor value propositions through the lens of experts and then take selective meetings.”